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Chronicle of the Old West presents..

"Western Soundtracks" CD

Here’s a CD of original “big country” music by Mark “Slim Chance” Nelson.

This original CD was inspired by such great film composers as Dimitri Tiompkin, Elmer Bernstein, and Jerome Moross. Orchestrated and performed by Mark on Guitar, piano, synthesizers, auto harp, accordion and drums, the 18 musical renditions reflect all the experiences of the Old West including “Wagons West”, “The Bunkhouse”, Sitting Bull Stands Up” and “Funeral On Boot Hill.”

This is a CD that’s perfect for background and traveling music.

If you wish to listen to a sample track, click on the link below.

"Western Soundtracks Sample"

[$11.45 - USA]
[$13.95 - FOREIGN]
Includes shipping and handling


Price :[$11.45 - USA]
[$13.95 - FOREIGN]
(includes shipping & handling)

USA or Foreign?
Remarks/Special Instructions

The 18 musical renditions reflect all the experiences of the Old West:

Wagons West
Along The Trail
The Bunkhouse
Wide Open West
Hardships On The Trail
Spaghetti Western
The Lonesome Prairie
Sitting Bull Stands Up
There's Gold In Them There Hills
The Ghost Town
Settlers Polka
South Of The Border
Funeral On Boot Hill
Across The Rio Grande
Into The Sunset
60's TV Western Theme
Big Valley
Just Foolin About

If you'd prefer to order "Western Soundtracks" by mail,
simply make your check or money order payable to
"Chronicle of the Old West" for $11.45 {US}
and send it along with your contact information to:

Chronicle of the Old West
PO Box 2859
Show Low, Arizona Territory 85902

If you would prefer ordering "Western Soundtracks" by phone,
our contact number is:

(928) 532-2875