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Have you ever wondered.... what it would be like
to spend some Old West Streettime in the Old West?

Maybe walk down the streets of Dodge City or Tombstone during their hey-day….

Chronicle of the Old West ReaderspacerWell, now you can. And you can do it from the comfort of your home.

Whether it's your favorite author or Old West magazine, what you're reading is someone's interpretation of what happened some 125 years ago. It may be factual…or at least a version of the facts, but it lacks the immediacy and passion of someone writing about something that just happened.

That immediacy and passion is what Chronicle of the Old West has to offer. Chronicle of the Old West is comprised of actual articles from 1800's newspapers, published in the month they were originally published.

Wyatt Earp

We've published authentic articles from the Tombstone Epitaph following the O.K. Corral Shootout.

As well as the Coffeyville Journal's dramatic October 7, 1892, article after the Dalton Gang's failed attempt to rob two Coffeyville, Kansas banks.Dalton Gang


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ScalpingChronicle of the Old West Newspaper

Ever wondered what it was like to be scalped?

If you were a subscriber to Chronicle of the Old West, you would know. We had an interview with a man who survived a scalping. Incidentally, you don't want the experience.


Like a newspaper today…if it bleeds, it leads.

The front page is holdups, lynching and other mayhem.
Articles inside the newspaper show how life in the Old West really was.


We even have a page called "Woman's Sphere."

Women's SphereIt has articles of special interest to all women.
We have everything from the "lastest" fashions
to articles on manners and how to raise your children

So, here's your choice…

You can wonder what it would
be like to experience
the Old West
or you can subscribe to
Chronicle of the Old West
and experience it.



Chronicle of the Old West
may be a twenty page monthly newspaper,
but according to a recent survey,
it contains 25% to as much as 500%
more articles per year about the Old West than
any other publication covering that era.

In addition to all of the above,
we have a section called "The Old West Today."
It tells you places to go and things to do to enjoy the Old West Today.

So, what does a year's subscription
to Chronicle of the Old West cost?

Just $30 for 12 issues… That's about .28 cents per hour that you'll be spending in the Old West.

In addition, if after two issues,
Chronicle of the Old West doesn't give you
the Old West experience,
we'll refund your $30 investment… How can you lose?


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