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Stampede Tour - On the Road posted by Dakota Livesay

Monday, December 29, 2008Stampede Tour Logo

We quite often have people comment on Jake being with us at events. They wonder what he does to pass his time.

Jake getting ready to read Chronicle of the Old West!

Jake reading Chronicle of the Old West!

Saturday, December 27, 2008Stampede Tour Logo

We had a great Christmas in Prescott, AZ with our friends Dick and Donna Cross.

We came back to Benson on the 26th with snow coming down the last hour of the trip. When we got up the next morning the temperature was 18 degrees and our water lines were frozen. Our idea was to spend the winter in Benson where it’s warm. Where did our plans go haywire?

Click on image to see larger view.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008Stampede Tour Logo

Where we’re staying in Benson, Arizona is considered the high desert. And anyone who has spent time in areas like this knows the skies are beautiful. The first picture is the typical sky. The second is in preparation for a storm. And the last is a normal sunset. Incidentally, these are the views we see from our RV spot.

Benson, Arizona Sky
Click on image to see larger view.

Benson, Arizona sky preparing for storm
Click on image to see larger view.

Benson, Arizona Sunset
Click on image to see larger view.

Monday, December 21, 2008Stampede Tour Logo

The RV park where we’re staying has a group of people who go on hikes each Monday. We’ve joined them on a couple of their excursions. The hikes aren’t long ones…around five miles in total, but they aren’t casual “smell the roses” either. We hike in, have a snack and then hike back out. It is fun. Nice companionship and great exercise.

Monday Hike

Jake goes along. Of course he’s the star of the group.

Jake: The star of the hike!

Monday, December 15, 2008Stampede Tour Logo

Saturday evening we went to a Christmas play put on by some friends here at Cochise Terrace. It was called If Dickens Came West. It was about a frontier sheriff who made it illegal to celebrate Christmas. He would arrest and put in jail anyone who promoted Christmas.


And wouldn’t you know it; Sunny had to come to the play dressed for the holiday. And wouldn’t you know it; the sheriff’s deputies spotted her in the audience and placed her under arrest. The first picture is Sunny being read her rights. The second is Sunny and some other town’s people in jail.

Although Dakota was able to get Sunny out on bail, she still has to go to trial. Incidentally, we are soliciting contributions for her defense fund.

Wednesay, December 9, 2008Stampede Tour Logo

On Sunday we took a trip down to Sierra Vista, AZ and Ft. Huachuca’s Annual Holiday Tour of Historic Homes. About a dozen of the historic officer’s homes were decorated for Christmas and open to civilians.

These are two story homes built back in 1882. The homes house colonels and generals. They range in size from three to five thousand square feet. Each housed one family…one housed just one person. For houses built some 125 years ago they were beautifully maintained. The Christmas decorations were pretty too.

Incidentally, this is one of the bases that housed the buffalo soldiers following the Civil War. Cameras weren’t allowed on the base, so we have no pictures.

Buffalo Soldiers

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