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Stampede Tour - On the Road posted by Dakota Livesay

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Sunday, February 25, 2007Stampede Tour Logo

While in Yuma, Arizona, we went to the Territorial Prison to record a segment with the park manager, Jessie Torres about two prisoners, Buckskin Frank Leslie and Pearl Hart.  We’ll have the segment on an upcoming weekly show.

The first picture is of the prison guard tower.  The second is one of the cells.  Incidentally, at the time when it was in operation, it was considered a resort by the locals.

Territorial Prison guard tower

Territorial Prison cell block

Thursday, February 22, 2007Stampede Tour Logo

I’ve come up with a new acronym.  It’s “TPA”…It stands for “Trains, planes and automobiles.”

We’ve traveled from Victorville, CA to Yuma, AZ.  We’re staying in a nice RV park that’s full of snowbirds from the north.

Sunny is in charge of arrangements.  In part because it seems I’m always recording, and that we just don’t enjoy noise, she has begun inquiring about the noise of the RV parks.  The person on the phone always maintains that the park is quiet.  This one was no exception.  However, there are trains to the left of us, trucks to the right of us and, we’re only about a mile from a Marine Air Base.  But, I will have to say that the jet planes do spend less time overhead than propeller driven ones.

Yesterday Sunny took a picture of a flying object overhead.  I believe it was some kind of a private aircraft.  We’ve included the picture here for you to make your own determination.

Unidentified Flying Object

Monday, February 19, 2007Stampede Tour Logo

This past weekend was spent in Victorville, California at the Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Film Festival.  It was a fun time.  We got to meet and talk to several of the old time stunt men.

He isn’t an old timer, but we had a great conversation with Diamond Farnsworth, the son of stuntman and later actor, Richard Farnsworth.  Diamond is currently a full-time stuntman.  We also had a conversation with Dusty Rogers (Roy Rogers Jr.).  The picture below was taken during the conversation with Dusty.  We obviously had a packed house.

Dusty Rogers' Audience

Much of our time with Diamond and Dusty was spent talking about their parents.

We’ll have the conversations in an upcoming weekly show.

Friday, February 16, 2007Stampede Tour Logo

We’ve spent a couple of days on the Colorado River in Blythe, California.  The river is just about ten yards from our living room picture window.  Except for a little wind, it’s been a very peaceful time.

We did have a young spotted owl (I believe that was the species.) living in a tree next to our place.  Although the pictures aren’t the best, they are of the tree and a close-up…if it can be called that…of the owl.

Owl in a Tree

Owl Closeup

It’s interesting that from about midnight to three in the morning the owl hooted.  It wasn’t loud enough to disturb.

We’re off to Victorville and the Roy Rogers Film Festival.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007Stampede Tour Logo

It seems that lately we’ve been taking a lot of pictures of the sky.  But then, when you’re in the middle of the desert, and the only thing that’s taller than you is an occasional saguaro cactus, then the sky seems to over power everything.

We’ve spent the last couple of days in Florence, AZ, and today we’re headed to Blythe, CA.

The first picture is of a Florence sunset and the second is the next afternoon with a storm on its way.

Florence, AZ sunset

Florence, AZ storm

Tuesday, February 13, 2007Stampede Tour Logo

The ghost of John Wesley Harden lives.

A few years back, Leon Metz wrote a book about the Old West killer, John Wesley Harden.  John Wesley HardenAbout a year ago, on our weekly radio show, we had a conversation with Leon about his experiences while writing the book.  Leon had some severe health and emotional problems.  He maintains Harden didn’t want him to write the book.

While in El Paso, we wanted to visit the place where Harden was buried, the Concordia Cemetery.  We had an idea where it was located, so we headed there.  After driving the area, and being unsuccessful, we headed back home, resolved to get the exact address on the next try.

Even though we had the street and number, our second attempt was also fruitless.

Now determined, we got a map, and marked the Concordia Cemetery on it.  The cemetery was right where we had looked twice.  After fruitlessly searching for a good half hour, we gave up.

Although I didn’t hear him, I knew John Wesley Harden was laughing because he had won this round.

Sunday, February 11, 2007Stampede Tour Logo

This is the view we see outside our door each morning when we take Jake for his constitutional.

An El Paso Sunrise

Our stay in El Paso has been a fun one.  We’ll be taking off tomorrow to start heading in the direction of Victorville, California and the Roy Rogers-Dale Evans Film Festival.

Although we’re not grave people, this afternoon we’ll be visiting the Concordia Cemetery.  This is where John Wesley Harden and John Selman are buried.

Thursday, February 8, 2007Stampede Tour Logo

We’ve moved on to El Paso, Texas.

When we got to the RV park where we had reservations, we discovered that the spaces were so small that we had to weave ourselves between the pop-outs on our Monty and the RV next to us.  Their bedroom was about three feet from our front door.

We decided we could put up with it for a few days.  But, at 8:30 the next morning, we were startled by what sounded like a police bullhorn right outside our door.  After picking ourselves off the floor, we discovered the RV park had a loudspeaker system that they used regularly.

We quickly packed up and moved on.  Incidentally, they said we were the first people to complain about the bullhorn…We’re such whiners.

We’re now staying at the American RV Campground that, as indicated in the picture, has scads of room and instead of a bullhorn, they provide a free hot lunch.  We just had homemade green enchiladas.

American RV Campground

We’re thinking about staying here for the balance of the two years.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007Stampede Tour Logo

Without a doubt, the premier movie location, next to Old Tucson Studios, is Mescal.  And, incidentally, Mescal is a part of Old Tucson Studios.

Mescal is located about fifteen minutes from Benson, Arizona.  We took a trip over there and looked up Frank Brown.  Actually, it didn’t take much looking.  Frank is the caretaker and, at the time, was the only person at the location.

Frank is a lighthearted person who finds himself either alone or when filming takes place, thinking he’s on a Los Angeles freeway on a Friday afternoon.

After a tour of the place that included the main street that was the town of Tombstone in the movie of that name; buildings and scenes from the movies Tom Horn, Outlaw Josie Wells, Maverick, The Quick and The Dead, as well as more than a dozen TV series, we went to the saloon that has been the set for many a western, including The Quick and The Dead, and had a conversation.

The first picture is Frank giving Dakota an overview of the town from the porch of the saloon.  The second picture is the main street.  These buildings were in the movie Tombstone.  The final picture is Dakota and Frank in the saloon recording their conversation.  If they look cold, it’s because the temperature was about 31 degrees.  Many of the windows were out, and there was no heat in the building.

Frank Giving Dakota an overview of the town of Mescal

Mescal's Main Street

Dakota and Frank Brown

Monday, February 5, 2007Stampede Tour Logo

We took a trip down to Bisbee, Arizona, a town said to be "One hundred miles and one hundred years from Tucson."   There we talked to Bisbee town historian, Gary Dillard.  Historically, Bisbee has all the elements of an Old West town…mining, robberies and lynching.

Gary and his wife, Margaret, have a local cable TV show.  As reciprocity, I was asked to record two segments with Gary for his TV show.  We'll put the segments on our web site when we receive them.

Bisbee has been a copper mining town.  The first picture is of the Silver Queen open pit mine.   The second is of Dakota and Gary during their conversation.

Silver Queen Open Pit Mine

Dakota and Gary Dillard

The conversation will be aired on the February 19-25 weekly show.

Saturday, February 3, 2007Stampede Tour Logo

We took a trip a few miles north of Benson, Arizona to Gammons' Gulch.  The man who is everything from the CEO to grounds keeper, Jay Gammons, gave us a tour of the place.   For the past 36 years, Jay has been fulfilling his dream of having an Old West town.

The place is regularly used for movie sets. Here are some pictures of the town at a distance and a couple of the buildings.

Gammon's Gulch

Gammon's Gulch

Our conversation with Jay will be heard on our weekly radio show that is scheduled to be aired February 12-18.


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